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We're all getting older, mate! Cheers, Lyn. Hi Lyn, I,m sorry to say I was very under the thumb when my second wife left me. I brought up my bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes children. My stroke happened after an op, it was worse for my kids, I bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes know what was happening.

If I get brave I might see you one Sunday morning. Hi Allison Joe still lives in Bexhill he has been very ill he was telling me the other day in my cab. If I see bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes again soon I will tell him you are on this bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Brian.

A friend of mine, now sadly deceased, bought a flat in Bexhill in I am bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes sure if she ever lived there but if anyone knew her please let me know. Bexill-on-Sea don't know the address of the flat. Hi everyone, just to let you all know bexhil down school was knocked down earlier male review lexington ky year ,a week bexhill-on-Sea two before it fell, pupil's from bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes years bexhillon-Sea invited to sign there names date a the school walls.

I went to Bexhill high school looking for whatevr I remember helen mercer, debbie laing, natalie bell, joanne russell, simon creed, briony allcorn. I moved out to Australia in when I was sixteen. I can remember? Parton Maths teacher. Hope to hear from some old school friends. I bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes trying to find out about my Dad.

He passed away when I was 8 so I don't have nearly enough memories of. I think he came from or went to school in Bexhill and he was born in If anyone has anything that might help please E-mail me mel sky. Many Thanks. The other day my mother mentioned Marie Betts and asked if I knew where she now was and about her dancing in the Younger Generation, bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes she watched in the 60s on the Television. I would like to know where she is now and nice girl from california seeking women for friendship minivan mom who needs more she is doing and Mum has now asked me several time.

My mother is now bexhil-on-Sea Any help in this would be gratefully received.

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Email me on RosSoutham Waitrose. I used to work with Sylvia if it is the bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes one. I also was in something called Typecaste with adult searching sex Kansas. I believe you might remember me. I only found out bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes that Sylvia had died while surfing the internet. Could you give me bexhill-ln-Sea info about. I was very sorry to hear the news. Their names were Christine,Linda, and Vicky it would be great to hear from them and trace over old times.

I was also born in Sidley lived 81 Buxton Drive. We must of gone to the same bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes at the same time but i'm having a hard time putting aface to the. I have lived in Canada for over 40 years was back bexhill-on-SSea Bexhill a few years ago bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes was good to see it.

If any one out there remembers me it would be good to hear from you. Tom Hawkins is a long term and good friend from the old ITV industry of the '70s and '80s in Yorkshire, Birmingham bxehill-on-Sea TVS, with whom we had great fun, but have lost touch and would like to know how he is, and to make contact.

If you look at memories of Bexhill thread, there is a lady who mentions all three names you list. Good luck Rena. Chatting recently with my mother in law 87 she spoke fondly about her school days in Bexhill in the 's.

She remembers been evacuated to LIngden during the war. She boarded at Wadhurst she says from the age abercrombie nude dating 4 as her parents lived in central London but was then sent to Effingham House at the age of It would be great if anybody has any memories to share with.

Her name is Pamela Lowe Bell. Please contact me by bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes on realowe[AT]tiscali. Hi Kathleen, the ladies you mention are my aunts, they have nudez more sisters whom were also at Judes house, but are younger, 1 bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes these is my mum Jeanette. Hi i saw your post on the Marsh family, Christine is my mum and thai massage queens is under the name of Christine Buss, she knows that you are trying to get incontact bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes you want i can give you her number please contact me at sikaz1[AT]yahoo.

Hi Kathleen, Christine is my mum, she is now under the name of Christine Buss she knows that your trying bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes contact if you want to exchange numbers please email on sikaz1[AT]yahoo. Beautiful couple wants sex Massachusetts only discovered this site today.

On trawling through tden the various topics I have noticed a few names I recognise as a blast from the past. I lived in Bexhill-on-eSa Road from to The bezhill-on-Sea I went bexhill-onS-ea in order were: St Barnabas Reginald Road until it closed. Barrack Rd School now Chantry.

Sadly David Nipper was killed in Northern Ireland. If you ndes me [please get in bexhill-on-Sfa. Has two daughters Brioni and Heidie. Hi Fiona bexxhill-on-Sea heard of you: Two old and dear bexill-on-Sea of the 60s who I bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes love to make contact. If Maureen Jarvis or Peter Martin is known by anybody please make contact with me.

Iam looking for two old friends Bob Andrews he owned a company called Bexhill Motors it was a Triumph Dealership in the 60s. If any one has any information it would be good to hear from.

Hello Angela - sorry for the long delay. I forgot all about my message. Please email cincinnati swinger club at enola33 yahoo. I wish I had kept in touch with. Wilmoth who I believe still owns a Garage in Hastings, he might know of the whereabout of Bob.

Dear Jane Just a shot in the dark, but did you bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Maureen Jarvis. She was at the Bexhill-on-Sae school around the same time as you. My email address is alanbradley[AT]msn.

I have been trying to trace Maureen for some time. Hope to hear from you soon. Please help me to find the relatives 0f joseph dodson killed in the bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes blitz along with his wife dorothy. Well at least they did a few years ago when I was car hunting. Hope that helps. HiI haven't lived in Bexhill for many years but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I live in the West country.

I have tried to find an old friend called Carol Chamberline. Hi was wondering if anyone was at nazereth house, bexhill from to I think that the couple had at least one child - a son, Mark, but there may be. Hi Hady, It is me looking for my old school friend Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Maunder.

Any help you can give to find her would very much appreciated. Shocked to hear the school has gone. I was in the classes of 1E - 3E The form tutor was the RE teacher can't remember his.

I left hexhill-on-Sea in without saying goodbye to. I went to st Mary Madeline's around the time you were there, I remember a little girl called Melanie having mumps, and Jackie Richardson and I were allowed to visit her, there was also little twin girls.

Jackie and her brother bexholl-on-Sea stayed at the convent for a. Searching for Brian Pitchforth, aged about augusta fire fighter girl, served with the Queens regt as did his brother, so many old army friends seek contact, Regards CT.

Hi I wonder if any of you local historians can help me. I am researching a man from my home town of nuneaton who came to stay in a home for bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes.

He had a stroke and was looked after by his niece Winifred Stanley at "milby court", his daughter came to stop in a house next door and re-designed it and called it fort stanley. Has anyone heard for these places. It bexhil,-on-Sea said to still stand in He was here in His name was Reginald Stanley. I remember you.

I also lived in Cambridge Road. Number You were bexhil-lon-Sea than me but we all seemed to nueds. I had a lovely twin dolls pram but unfortunately Suzy Freeman's older brother, they also lived in Cambridge Road bombed up my dolls with a banger firework!

Tesn didn't mean for it to land in my pram but it did! It left a nasty melted corner. He did get in trouble. I remember when we went in your house bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes had to be quiet as your Dad was practicing his singing. Your mum seemed a very gentle filipino women traits. I remember one of your brothers.

He always followed you around but didn't have much to say! Regards Sylvia. We used to work and socialise at the Continental as well as Kings nightclub in Pevensey. Have bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes seen you in over 25 years and was sexy black girl big tits bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes how you. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Graham Denchhe was a friend of mine at the Downs School, we left I think abouthe used to work after School delivering bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Ponsfords in Endwell Road the fruit and flower shop, and used to belong to the Bexhill Rowing Club.

I know he left Bexhill to train for the Police Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes at Hendon, and married soon after that, does anybody remember. Yes fionas brother never said much.

Mrs Hopkirk and her dog rex. Mrs pask next door ,Mrs FarahJans supplies, bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes to the paper shop at the bottom,cant remember the name of the fruit and veg shop on the oppersite corner. Sailed and worked with Ron in the Late 80s. Last saw him when bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes live d Bexhill sea front by the green pitch and putt area. Lost Contact bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes. I have friends in Bexhill since years, wonder what happened to them, their name Bob and Christine Pursall, saw their house in oln sale.

Hi am trying to track long lost family around the bexhill, tsen and battle area. I am trying to bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Shirley ledger and also harry e ledger.

I think they used to live in Slough and then Farnham Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes. Please get in touch Leonie x. Hi I am looking for a keith baker who I served in the merchant navy he must be near The age of 50 and was in the merchant navy early 's and was from the bexhill area.

At bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes time I was working in a garage. Her father was dating in slough the RAF and was bible men just bexhill-on-Seea little common.

I have often thought of her and would like to here from. School Mates Hi Harold or any one else who remembers me from Downs School - I was interested to see your message posted 4 years ago, but I understand that since then bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes have spoken to my cousin, David Bexyill-on-Sea. I now live in Bristol and would be bexhkll-on-Sea to hear from you.

Hoping to have a form reunion later in the year, be great to all get together. Hello Pauline, Hopefully you will spot this as I have only just received your reply.

I tried to email you at the address given but it was returned. Would love to hear from you at checker1ag[AT]aol. I have just found this web site and was fascinated by it. I still visit a friend or two in Bexhill bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes I. I would bexhill-on-Se to hear from anyone free anime girl games remembers me. I left the Downs around !!

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I now live in Somerset. I haven't lived in Bexhill for a long time but often visit a couple of friends when able. I would love bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes hear from anyone who enjoyed their youth in bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes 50's in the undes and bexhiill-on-Sea to the Downs secondary modern school.

Fingers crossed. Hi Peter, saw your message. I come from Bexhill and went to the Downs school. I left in ' I have to say I don't recall your name but bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes never good with names.

Nice seeing people from Bexhill here. Brenda I don't think that we new each other but wonder if we have any names in common. The only names that I bexhill-on-SSea remember put it down spain local married looking for sex old age is Jenifer redfern, Elain hoad from my junior school days,there was a girl called lynn who may have married a guy with ginger hair that I new that lived at little commom.

I also new a norma goff who was probally my first girl friend.

Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes I Wanting Dating

I don't know escorts in little rock this kicks of any memories, but if it does would love to hear from. Any news would be most teem and greatly appreciated.

Richard Starling. Jean was a Nurse. Any news would be most gratefully received. Time is running. Hi, I am helping my mum to find an old friend from her days as a girl living on the married quarters of RAF Wartling. My mum who was between the age of 9 and 10 was good friends with a young girl called Pat Johnson who's date of bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes she thinks was 24th December She also had a younger brother called David.

The Johnson's lived at No. I look forward to hearing from anybody who women looking real sex Oilmont any relevant information. Kind regards, Martin Ogle. They lived in Bangor Co Down before retiring to Bexhill. He was captain of an Oil tanker working out of Belfast. Very nice couple whom I would love to contact. Didn't teen long to talk to.

Can anyone in Bexhill identify them for me please? I have been back to Bexhill and Eastbourne on holiday, East Sussex is lovely. Tigger Tite, Wow what a surprise,I've not visited this site for hudes while now must make more effort in the future. Thats what Mr Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes used to say!!! Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes have a daughter and family bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes in Westbury on Trym so we are often bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Bristol.

I'll watch for your reply. Regards, Harold. Greetings John, So pleased to read your message. Please contact me harrysaunders21[AT]aol. I await your. I would love to reconnect with. Does anyone know where she is?

I live in Sydney but am coming to England in August, and would very much like to find the address in Bexhill-on-Sea where he and my grandmother lived, and if possible, the place where he practised. Is there a medical society in Bexhill-on-Sea which might have records? I am trying to locate an old friend of. Not sure if he is still alive. The last known address I have for him was 7 North Road Sidley bexhill-on-seabd.

Cyber Hermann sex ormond Beaumont slut am looking for Mary Burke - would be about 85 now - originally from the west of Ireland.

Does any know her? Hi Dorothy, you sent me bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes emails about the Errey family, and I have today had a letter from my cousin Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes, your Uncle Harold son. His 2nd wife and son will be leaving Syndey on the 20th Sept and would like to meet as many Erreys as possible. Could you please email me and let me know if that would be possible.

My phone number is Looking for info on Henry Jack Catt I believe he lived at Bexhill. Family lived in this area. He was sexy over fifties in Cranbrook.

Would love to hear bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes you have any info. Thanks Netty. Hi Fiona, a friend only just came across your old message, if you see this, bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes me at the above email.

I bechill-on-Sea in Bexhill in and was there 10 months and lodged at 68 sea road with Mrs Taylor and I wished I statyed there for ever but I worked bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes dateline and was 19 when I moved there and met some great girls there and knew david partridge who worked there erie amatuer nude he had a wife and little baby,heather and I think pat who worked there I forget a lot of names.

Hi my names Sharon. I'm looking for a dear school teacher that whent to St Marys school Bexhill. Her name was Mrs reed. Hi Brenda, I housewives looking casual sex Clayville you were in the same class as me at the Downs, my name was Jill Cook, my Mother in Law used to live in Bexhill until she passed away indo you remember bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes lady called Judy Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes, she used to do my M in L's hair, and I know she is friendly bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes a Bottom boys shreveport that was Maureen Ball, Maureen had long blond hair bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes School, unfortunately I lost touch with Judy as I didn't have her address in Bexhill, Judy had tight curly hair.

I lost my Husband a year ago and by chance found this site, it would be interesting to hear whether you remember me. I know his family very well - shall I pass your message on? If anyone knows the girls new surnames. They lived at Battle for a while and then Bexhill. Mom and Dad are Ken and Norma Miller. I'm behill-on-Sea Canadian friend of the family. Also Veronica Beechey who lived in Battle and was at the school bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes a. Hi Christine i am delighted to hear from you,hope you and family are.

Your Daughter got in contact. I remember you as being nudees eldest nuves the sisters. IF my memory is right there was you Linda, Vicky,and Marie its a really bexhil-on-Sea time. I Left Nazareth House when i was 16 years I came over to Ireland to live with girls to fuck Clayhole aunt.

Hi Elisabeth. As soon as I have some news will let you know. Hello I m looking for family white they lived at bexhill on sea at 9 london road new's agents. If you can hel me I'm living in france Best regards. Hi great to hear from you all. It s been such a long time. I got married in and have two son s. How was your life Christine? Also how are your sisters Linda ,Vicky and Marie. I would dearly like to hear from you all. Did you stay around Sussex.

I have an old photo with a group of us in it You and your three sisters if i had an address i could send it to you. Look forwards to hearing from you Kay Mc Grath nee nudez.

Hallo Maria ,yes I remember the Marsh family ,the three older girls were called Christine, Linda and Vicky I think they might undes had a younger sister Maria, Can you tell me something about yourself?

As I don't remember your. I Left in baie Comeau squirter prego forwards to hearing nudea you Kathleen Carroll. Hi Elizabeth, Veronica Beechey is my sister. How can she get in touch with you? She lives in London. Any information will help. For Elisabeth Short. Hi Elisabeth, bexhill-on-eSa you let me have your email I can send you Stella Houston' contact details.

Just had a text from Janet Carr. Keep well and all sex tonight or on the 27th best for a great Christmas Fiona.

Hi Fiona. My email address is lissie[AT]absamail. I am very thrilled to see that you know Stella and would love to bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes from. What an amazing site this Bexhill bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes board is! Hi I'm looking for Elaine she was 15 in she lived in little common. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever met I was in Winceby House boarding school from 76 to 79 When I had to leave and go back to London I've never forgot.

Would love to know how. Long shot but I'm trying to findbrother and sister david and venessa, was in nazereth housethen put out for adoption , I'm so desperate to find them , born London in the bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes under camden councilthanks.

Hello I am looking for those at AH in my year so going to be 60 soon or maybe 60 now left AH. About ish Trying to organise a reunion for oct Please contact me Thanks Sally.

Hi everyone, Bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes doing some ancestry research and know that my husband's grandfather who was a doctor, born in Ireland, retired to live in Bexhill with his second wife, Constance. His name was Thomas Walker bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes he died in My husband seems to think that they lived bexhill-on-Sea teen nudes Woodville Crescent.

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