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Warren spent years as a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy before becoming a Harvard law professor and then devoting her time fully to politics. Frugal living is definitely not a new concept.

But with the recent soem of movements like minimalism and FIREextreme frugality has taken center stage in the personal finance world. Warren and Tyagi, however, rejected the idea of scrimping your way to wealth years ago.

And neither will we. When it comes to getting your finances in shape, Warren and Tyagi advocate focusing on a handful of impactful areas rather than trying to make many small changes. We spend too much time worrying about the price of a bottle of wine or pair of shoes instead of big-ticket items such as our homescars and insurance.

She says that are you looking for some Warren help monthly payment that goes toward debt is a claim ffor your future; when you hwlp your debt off, you open up new financial opportunities. Still, Warren and Tyagi recognize the danger of all types of debt and stress that keeping them under control is crucial.

Just a couple years before the mortgage crisis hit, when everyone else was touting the benefits of buying a home as big as you could possibly afford, Warren and Tyagi were taking a more common-sense approach to homeownership.

Of course, Warren argues, the same would apply to your heating, water and food bills. Warren has long been a fiery opponent of corruption within the financial industry.

Place the blame for money problems squarely on the shoulders of consumers.

They recognize that the lookign system and finance industry as a whole are set up to keep Americans poor by design. You can get a car lease that chews up half your income. You can wind up with a student loan bigger than some home mortgages.

Still, Warren and Tyagi explain that even though the system is working against you, you can still keep your finances in balance. Plus, the book outlines a simple, workable way to build wealth over time.

Warren promises no quick fixes, just diligence, patience and common sense, which is exactly what you might expect. News Politics Entertainment Communities.

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